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About me

I’m Chris Lorensson—a husband, father, designer & writer in Colorado. I’ve been coaching others since 2000.

Philosophy & Approach

Less, but better. I’m an active minimalist and essentialist. In a world with endless choice, focus and knowledge of self is key.

How it Works & Cost

$100/hour, with no surprises. Sessions are by phone, regardless of location. We’ll work within your schedule.

Why me?

You’re a friend—not a number or patient—we’re humans, helping each other. I do this because I love to see people succeed.


Scheduling is prompt and flexible. Engagements can last from weeks to 18 months—all within your control.

The Best Value

Life coaches charge up to $500 per hour. I charge $100/hr because success shouldn’t depend on cost.

Today is the day to invest into your own story

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Simplify Your Life

Find your focus and get rid of the rest

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Get Your Dream Job

in Design or Technology

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Master Remote Working

Be productive and happy

What people are saying

Chris became a real friend who understood the things I cared about regarding my new career move. He coached me through the options at my disposal, helped me focus on the right training and cultivated a positive mindset to keep the process sustainable. Our calls felt fun and effortless, but SO productive! Chris’ coaching was invaluable to my career change in tech.


Seattle, WA

I worked with Chris over years to get through a personal issue, but also to help focus my career to do what I love: music. I’ve now quit my day job and am running my own business full-time, doing what I love. Chris’ input and genuine care for me made the process easy and enjoyable, and Chris and I have become great friends through it.


Bristol, UK

I’ve been working with Chris to explore career options in tech, art and design for over a year. Chris walked me through potential jobs to consider, helped me understand their career implications, and encouraged me in accountability along the way. Our calls are always fun and productive, and I’ve honed my focus as a result of it.


Bristol, UK

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