Remote Work Coaching

Are you just getting started with working remotely? Maybe you’re looking to up your game to the next level.

I’ve been working remotely for 15 years, in every imaginable situation; jet-setting around the world, working from a tree stump in a forest, and of course, traversing the big city. Remote work is relatively new, and there’s no “one right way” to do it. Each of us has our unique constraints that seem to be ever-changing, and to master remote work, you’ve got to learn to flow like water around those obstacles. I can show you how to do that.

Whether it’s setting up your home office, or your perfect mobile office-in-a-bag, we can identify the most effective toolset for you. We can explore tools to use, talk about transportation or the other key nuances of a remote worker’s life.

We can perfect your work/life balance, and find ways to take the most advantage of being a remote worker. There’s far too much to talk about here, so why not book your free 30-minute session? There’s no commitment, payment or risk—I do this because I love to!

Learn how to…

Use the flexibility to improve your life
Most remote workers don’t fully take advantage of the amazing freedom and flexibility that remote working offers. I’ll teach you how to manage your schedule, think creatively and make remote working your best work experience ever.

Work from ANYWHERE
Do you have dreams of being location-independent? I can teach you how to be ready to jump on a call, get out a report, and even get full-on “in the zone” time, regardless of where you’re working from. I’ve spent years working from airports, trains, buses, cars, home office, cafes and even in the forest. You can do it too!

Work to live, not live to work
If you feel like you’re never “off”, you’re not alone! I can show you how to make remote working improve your life, rather than detract from it. I’ve done it, it’s not that hard, but it’s a sea-change for any remote worker.

Explore, optimize and simplify your tool set
As of just recently, there are so many amazing hardware and software tools that make working remotely such a great experience. I can explore your needs with you and help you build the customized, simple tool set that works for you.

Help your company go remote
Want your small to medium business to go remote? I’ve helped a handful of tech, software and design companies go remote. It’s possible, and I can help you plan every aspect of the transition, execute that plan and help you maintain the learning curve.

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